5 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Start With Your Family

New Year’s Eve can be a difficult night for parents. Kids need to be entertained, sometimes until midnight, depending on their age. These 7 NYE activities are perfect to creating a special night for your kids. For more ideas on traditions to add to your night, see our posts on NYE Traditions in the US and NYE Traditions around the World.

Group of people clinking champagne glasses

1. Sparkling Juice Toast

The champagne toast is a staple at many New Year’s Eve parties, so having a kid-friendly alternative is a must. Most grocery stores carry Sparkling Grape Juice around New Year’s Eve, along with other sparkling juices and ciders if your little ones don’t like grape. Pour the sparkling juice into a champagne glass to make kids feel “fancy.” This tradition is a fun way to celebrate the ball dropping!

Stack of board games

2. Game Night

Let the kids plan a family game night! My mom always let my sister and I plan games from 6 pm to midnight. We always played a mix of board games, card games, and video games. It was so fun to plan and play our favorite games! We always wrote down our list and planned times for each activity. This was our favorite tradition that we continued into adulthood.

BTS performing live at a New Year's Eve show

3. NYE Watch Party

There are several big New Year’s Eve shows with live performances and entertainment every year. Invite family and friends over to watch the show, share snacks, and play games together. Make sure everyone leaves safely after the ball drops!

Popcorn maker and bag full of popcorn

4. Movie Marathon

If you spent the holidays travelling or hosting, you may be looking forward to a day off. A movie marathon is a great way to spend the day relaxing with kids. Start the day making their favorite snacks, like cookies, popcorn, or pigs in a blanket. Then, put on their favorite movie series and try to finish all the movies in one day. Some popular choices might be Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Toy Story.

Group of kids with confetti raining down

5. Other Ideas

These are easy ideas that can be mixed into the traditions and schedules you already have:

  • Goal Setting: Have kids sit down and set a goal for the new year. This could be to get better a hobby, help out more around the house, be nicer to siblings, etc.
  • Dance Party: Have a dance party before the ball drops.
  • Balloon Drop: Set up a balloon drop to happen at midnight. See our New Year’s Eve Pinterest board for how to set it up.

Comment your family’s favorite NYE traditions below!

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