New Year’s Traditions in the USA

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10 Interesting New Year’s Traditions in the United States

  • 1. Watching the Ball Drop
    • An estimated 1 million people travel to Times Square in New York City to watch the ball drop. About 1 billion people tune in to watch the ball drop on TV. The ball drops right at midnight and kicks off huge fireworks display! 
  • 2. New Year’s Resolutions
    • Resolutions might be one of the most common NYE traditions. Setting good goals (and sticking to them) is a great way to start the new year. 
  • 3. Midnight Kiss
    • A kiss at midnight is a long-standing tradition on New Year’s Eve. 
  • 4. Fireworks
    • Fireworks are a New Year’s Eve staple in many towns across America. Cities have huge firework displays, like the one in Dallas, TX shown here. Find a fireworks display near you or watch one on TV!
  • 5. Black Eyed Peas
    • Many Americans in Southern states believe eating black eyed peas on New Year’s will bring them good luck. You can find black eyed peas recipes on our New Year’s Pinterest board (link below).
  • 6. Champagne Toast
    • Another NYE tradition is a toast to the new year at midnight. Champagne is traditionally used, but many use sparkling cider for a kid-friendly version.
  • 7. New Year’s Eve Party
    • New Year’s Eve is always marked with parties all over the U.S. People typically dress fancily, drink champagne, and dance the night away. 
  • 8. Collard Greens
    • Another Southern New Year’s Eve food tradition is eating collard greens. This dish is said to bring wealth for the New Year. Find recipes on our New Year’s Pinterest board linked below!
  • 9. Letting the Old Year Out
    • At midnight, all windows and doors must be opened to let the old year out. The old year must leave before the new one can come in! This fun tradition started in Ireland and has made its way into U.S. NYE traditions.
  • 10. The Rose Parade
    • This beautiful parade takes place on New Year’s Day in California. The first Rose Parade took place in 1890 and was meant to show off California. 

Comment your favorite New Year’s tradition below!

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