A Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home

a romantic table setting for a Valentine's dinner

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COVID-19 has ruined a lot of things over the last year, don’t let it ruin your Valentine’s Day too! These ideas will make creating a romantic Valentine’s Day at home easy. See ideas for dinner, dessert, and decorating the table. I hope this post makes your Valentine’s Day dinner special, despite everything going on this year.

Easy Dinner Recipes for Two

Easy steak for two

Garlic Butter Steak

Total time: 20 minutes

This steak recipe from Taste of Home makes a romantic dinner for two easy. Don’t be intimidated by the steak, this easy to follow recipe will help you make an amazing meal. Instant mashed potatoes and your favorite vegetable are a quick way to finish out this meal.

Instant Pot pasta

Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo

Prep time: 15 min Cook Time: 20 min

Chicken alfredo has never been easier! This meal will leave you with leftovers for the next day. The best part about Instant Pot recipes is they take minimal prep and you can do something else while they cook.

Easy baked pork chops

Oven Baked Pork Chops

Total time: 23 minutes

This recipe can be easily adapted for the amount of pork chops you need. The recipe has a recommended seasoning blend, but any seasoning you prefer with pork with work. Despite being baked, these pork chops come out juicy!

Easy Desserts for Two

Both of these recipes can be customized to whatever fruit or flavor you and your partner enjoy.

Easy no bake cheesecake dessert

No-Bake Cheesecake

Prep time: 10 min Chill time: 2-3 hours
The hardest part about this cheesecake recipe is remembering to put it in the fridge in time! This recipe makes it easy to choose your own flavor. Pick any fruit pie filling, Oreo, caramel, or any other flavor you prefer.

easy chocolate fondue for Valentine's Day

Easy Chocolate Fondue

Total time: 15 minutes
This 3 ingredient fondue recipe is an easy dessert to enjoy at the table after Valentine’s dinner. Some popular dipper ideas are strawberries, pretzels, cubes of angel food cake, and cookies.

For more dessert ideas, read my post Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes.

Romantic Dinner Table Décor Inspiration

Create a romantic atmosphere for your Valentine’s dinner by decorating the table and easting by candlelight. Making your Valentine’s Day at home feel romantic will add that extra missing piece that restaurants usually take care of.

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